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Certified Utility Retrofits

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Did you know that interior/exterior lighting can account for up to 40% of your electric bill?  By replacing inefficient lamps and ballasts with new, energy efficient technology, you can reduce your lighting load by up to 75%. And many energy efficient lamps last up to ten times longer and require less maintenance. Your UTILITY COMPANY has specifically designed programs with built-in incentives that make it worth your while in more than one way.

With these programs we can reduce your electrical bill substantially and with your UTILITY COMPANY paying from 30% to 75% of the construction cost, it can often pay for itself in as little as one year.

Elite Power, Inc. works with utility companies to offer small commercial businesses in the Sacramento area new options to help conserve electricity. As a utility-authorized electrical contractor, we will be assessing your existing lighting system to determine the interior lamps, ballasts, fixtures, and exit signs that need to be replaced with products that meet the energy efficient specifications defined by the utility company. Once we have received an approval from your utility company to proceed, we will install new products such as T-8 fluorescent tube lamps, electronic ballasts, compact fluorescent lamps, LED exit sign retrofit kits and occupancy sensors, leaving the cost of installation as your only expense!

Immediate savings on your utility bills with low-maintenance products that will last up to ten times longer than current traditional technologies!

Please feel free to contact Mike Wilson or your local UTILITY COMPANY for information and programs that they currently offer.